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When is enough, enough?

Dionna Carter's

Thorns Included

Psalms from a Wounded Wife

A book of poetry to help you engage your feelings, find your voice, and begin healing your marriage.

You know how hard it can be to find the right words to express your feelings to your spouse? I turned a series of journal entries (written during a season when my own marriage was at its breaking point) into a book of poetry, to help women engage their feelings, find their voice, and better communicate with their husbands.




You feel unheard and unloved in your marriage.

You feel pressured to make things ok for everyone else

- and you take care yourself last.

Stop giving away pieces of yourself to satisfy the daily-urgent,

and start living again in the lifelong-important.

Engage your feelings again.

Being honest with yourself is the first step toward healing. Feel what you feel.

Find your voice - and use it.

What's left unspoken is left unhealed. Use an excerpt from the book as a tool to begin a conversation.

Let the healing begin.

Honest sharing and reflective listening are the foundations of marriage-saving communication.

The way forward may not be easy - but it can be simple:

Read Bed of Roses:

Thorns Included

Engage your feelings and find your voice

Begin communicating with your spouse again

"We invited Dionna and her husband to share at our annual marriage conference because we knew there were powerful God-themes of suffering, redemption, forgiveness in their marriage. We were confident that the story of their journey would encourage millennial couples to not give up believing in God's best for them as a team of two."

* Psychologists, Dr. & Mrs. Harold Arnold - Eusebeia 1000*

As a wife, I know you want a strong, healthy marriage - one characterized by intimacy, respect, and friendship. To achieve this, communication is key. The problem is, years of disconnect and unresolved pain may have left you frustrated, overwhelmed, and at your end, feeling like there’s no hope for your marriage.


I believe you deserve to be heard, for your pain to find a voice, and for your marriage to heal. And I know what it’s like to be holding on by a thread. At the top of 2020 my own marriage was at its breaking point - and my only release was my journal. Those journal entries provided the language I needed to explain to my husband how I felt and where our marriage was failing - and ultimately became Bed of Roses: Thorns Included. 


Determined to preserve our marriage my husband not only agreed to marriage counseling, but championed the publishing of this book, so other women can give voice to their pain and begin to find healing with their husbands.

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